Honor and Duty: The Mississippi Delta Chinese

The film tells the story of the early Chinese immigrants to the Mississippi Delta during the 19th century; then it explores how the community steadily grew in the early part of the 20th century, as Chinese families across the Delta opened grocery stores that served both the black and white populations. Subsequently, it reveals how 182 Chinese men from the Delta participated in all aspects of the US war effort in WWII, shows the transformational nature of their participation in the war for the development of the community in the decades immediately after the war, and concludes by documenting the contributions of the Chinese Delta families to the state of Mississippi and beyond as their children became doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and many other types of professionals in the contemporary era.

The film’s importance arises not only from its focus on an almost unknown Chinese community in the heart of the Deep South, but also from what it reveals about the immigrant experience in America. It can certainly invites discussion of some of the issues engaging the US currently.

Part One 1870 to 1940

How Chinese first came to Mississippi told in the context of the period. The what, where and why’s they came and stayed.

Part Two 1941-1945

Chinese WWII veterans and their families share stories of the war and its impact on their lives in the Mississippi Delta.

Part Three 1946 to Present

How Chinese have influenced the social and economic fabric, custom and culture of Mississippi.

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The Mississippi Delta Chinese


Honor and Duty: The Mississippi Delta Chinese provides invaluable documentation of the Chinese communities in the Mississippi Delta and the enormous contributions made by so many during World War II.
— Lucy Allen, Director, Museum Division,
Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Thanks to this well-researched documentary film, I now am privy to a unique aspect of American history.

That this historical perspective and stories happened in the most unexpected place — the Mississippi Delta — makes this film worthy of a special place in the historical archives for this and future generations to see.
— René Astudillo, Publisher, The Adobo Chronicles


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