Dalip Singh Saund: His Life, His Legacy

The documentary short, Dalip Singh Saund: His Life, His Legacy and its Educators Resource Guide are included in a single Educational, Library or Exhibition License.

This short 36 minute film, Dalip Singh Saund: His Life, His Legacy, tells the inspiring story of an ethical and passionate man who rises above prejudice and racism during one of this Nation’s most challenging times all the while living the American Dream. He served the people of Riverside and Imperial Valleys of California from 1957 to 1963. Saund was the first Asian, the first Indian and the first Sikh to be elected to the United States Congress.

The film’s Educators Resource Guide is designed to provide educators with resources for classroom use. The photographs, graphics and maps have been cleared for educational use and/or are public domain and can be used in the classroom.  There are other useful materials such as laws and legal policies, historical timelines specifically created for this guide along with short biographies of persons of interest, maps, counter-time references to the documentary film, additional references, bibliography and recommended readings.

This film and guide can be used across many subject matters, such as:

World History

  • Human Rights
  • Religion
  • Current Affairs


  • Law
  • Politics
  • Current Affairs

U.S. History

  • Civil Rights
  • Western Expansion
  • Current Affairs
Endorsed by the National Conference for the Social Studies

Endorsed by the National Conference for the Social Studies

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Following the purchase of a License, you will be sent a DVD of Dalip Singh Saund: His Life, His Legacy along with a copy of the Educators Resource Guide

License Types:

  1. Educational - for use in classrooms and distance learning only. May be purchased by educational institution by department for use within that department.
  2. Library - for use in public or educational lending libraries.
  3. Exhibition - for use in public settings by the licensee only.