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Heritage Series, LLC

The Heritage Series, LLC, is a company based in Silver Spring, MD started by two former broadcast professionals to create useful and educational programs intended to inspire and provoke thought amongst the curious of all ages. 

Heritage Series programs preserve the history and contributions of Asian Pacific Islander American public servants while creating an archival record of their service and contributions to society. Textbook writers and historians have often overlooked the contributions and history of Asian Pacific Islander Americans in the United States. The subject of their civil rights has not made its way into the history books as these are not the proudest moments in our nation’s past.  

Heritage Series programs align with Common Core and C3 Standards. Please view “Common Core and C3 Standards” for more details.

Learn about Heritage Series

Heritage Series is an established video production company that offers documentary films for personal home viewing and for educational, exhibition or library licenses. With more than 35 years of experience producing informative videos, our company generates educational tools aimed at individuals of Asian Pacific Islander descent, spotlighting many subjects and key figures in the history of the US Congress.

We started these programs because of the need to recognize and preserve the histories of our leaders. They may come from unconventional backgrounds or humble beginnings, but many of these leaders exhibited great resilience and commitment to the Asian Pacific Islander American community.

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