Honor and Duty: The Mississippi Delta Chinese

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This wonderful and comprehensive documentary film series tells many of the life stories of the courageous WWII Mississippi Delta Chinese veterans and their families. It chronicles their often arduous lives before and after the war in a clear and flowing way.
— Gilroy Chow, President, Mississippi Delta Chinese Heritage Museum
Honor and Duty: The Mississippi Delta Chinese tells a moving story about hardship and perseverance, prejudice and acceptance, the strong bonds of family and tradition, and about how one unique community navigated the shifting historical currents of 20th century Mississippi.

Ms. Cheng has also done a great service by telling the story of a community in the Mississippi Delta that developed during a most difficult time in the United States and their survival. If anyone doubts it, they can see in these heroic stories how someone can be both an American patriot and a loyal son or daughter of their native culture.
— John Gibson, Director of Television, Mississippi Public Broadcasting
Honor and Duty: The Mississippi Delta Chinese is a moving recognition of the contributions of Mississippi Delta Chinese World War II veterans. Archival images describe these rural communities, unfamiliar to most Americans, where ... these Chinese grew up and helped their immigrant parents. Interviews with survivors testify to their dedication and sacrifice in fighting for their country.
— ̶ John Jung, Author, Chopsticks in the Land of Cotton
Out of the deep South, in the land of cotton comes a documentary about the Chinese in Mississippi that will rewrite an unknown chapter of American history. Honor & Duty: The Mississippi Delta Chinese will certainly have the viewer rethink what it is to be American and Chinese living in the poorest state of the Union.

From post Civil War through World War II to the present. Who knew that the Chinese arrived one year after the first transcontinental railroad was completed in 1870? Who knew that 180 Chinese from the Delta region were either drafted or enlisted during World War II. Who knew that in the era of Jim Crow and Martin Luther King two brothers surnamed Wing became mayors of their respective Delta towns?

If it were in my power as an Oscar voting member, I would recommend this film for consideration in the feature length category.
— Corky Lee, New York Photojournalist
You get to meet some unfamiliar faces and souls of those who fought and built America. They are a mix of accents in language and life, of the greatest generation that happened to be Chinese American. You learn what made them laugh and cry and how their family lovingly describes bravery and sacrifice of a fraternity not often heard from.
— Richard Lui, MSNBC
This documentary is a must-see not only for people who have little knowledge about the lives and contributions of Chinese and Chinese-Americans but specifically about the Mississippi Delta Chinese and Chinese-Americans. I who have Chinese Jamaican heritage have researched and written about us from the Caribbean. I knew nothing about the service of the Mississippi Delta Chinese during WWII as infantrymen, pilots, mess crews, military attachés and much more. The first-hand accounts captured in this documentary have left and lasting and indelible impression on me because I’ve never heard these accounts of Chinese-Americans who served for their country, the United States of America.
— Paula Madison, Executive Producer, Finding Samuel Lowe
Honor and Duty: The Mississippi Delta Chinese is a beautiful story of a proud people who for years were invisible in many ways. Through hard work, strong ties of family, and fierce persistence they today have become a prominent thread in the fabric of the Mississippi Delta.
— Sparky Reardon, Dean of Students Emeritus,
University of Mississippi, Oxford
This excellent documentary presents the story of a small group of Americans who answered their country’s call to duty in World War II. They returned home...and went back to living their lives, raising families, and quietly becoming what is now called “The Greatest Generation.
— Frank Shirer, Military History Expert,
Fort McNair, Washington, DC
This documentary series turns our eyes to the long roots of Chinese settlement in the United States and tells the forgotten but fascinating stories of Chinese World War II veterans from the Mississippi Delta region. This documentary offers a new and engaging perspective for students learning about race and American History.
— Janelle Wong, Director, Asian American Studies,
University of Maryland, College Park

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